RNS-Agent Release Notes

RNS-Agent 6.2.0


  • Use of velocity script language for the templates (~/templates/nameserver/*) for entries in the zone index (e.g. ~/etc/named.conf): This offers the usage of a well-known syntax.
  • Separation of zone index templates and parser: Thus changes to the template can be done without influencing the parsing of the zone index.
  • Improvement of the handling of upper and lower case: The content of the template is now transferred to the zone index as is. The parsing of the content is processed independently from upper and lower case.
  • Reworked parsing and writing of the zone index: entries that could not be recognized remain unchanged.
  • Implemented parallel writing and reloading of the zone index: changes close in time will be summarized and written to the zone index in one transaction.
  • Improved execution of reload even when the name server is restarted.
  • The zone index will be write protected when the program is running, thus manual changes can only be done when the RNS agent is stopped. This prevents manual changes from being overwritten by the RNS agent.
  • RNS agent and PowerDNS: optimized parsing of the zones.
  • Fixed issue with incoming orders when name server Knot DNS is not running.

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