NIC-Container Release Notes

NIC Container Release 6.2

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.1.0, 8.1.1, 8.1.2

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio fields identification number and type added for owner and tech, local presence service is now optional for ee,
    • Ascio rs, removed orgNumber field for tech
    • Ascio new owner change PDF
    • Ascio removed local presence service
    • Ascio sg, added field id number for admin
    • Ascio bayern admin has to reside in DE
    • Ascio dnssec added for TLDs at, ac, io, sh
    • Ascio updated transfer period for hr
    • Ascio admin contact removed for cz and lt
    • Key Systems policies for adjusted to policies of it
    • Key Systems trade operation configured, tooltip corrected
    • Switch corrected domainInfo request 
  • added TLDs
    Key Systems

New whois server configured for .hr


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