NIC-Container Release Notes

NIC Container Release 7.1

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.2.0, 8.2.1

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio expiry threshold is 10d for TLD .ro
    • Ascio adjusted contact data requirements for Tech-C and Bill-C of TLDs .rs and .pt
    • Ascio corrected transfer period for TLD .sh
    • Ascio fixed issue with registrant update PDF for TLD .es
    • Ascio added DNSSEC support for art, baby, bar, best, blog, cam, ceo, college, cyou, design, feedback, fit, gay, host, icu, ink, love, luxury, monster, online, ooo, pm, press, protection, re, reit, rent, rest, rugby, saarland, security, site, space, storage, tech, tf, tickets, uno, website, wiki, xyz
    • Key Systems reworked NIC template for transfer
    • Key Systems fixed issue for orders with inBailiwick name servers
    • Key Systems local presence added for pm, re, tf, wf, yt 


  • added TLDs
    Key Systems



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