Version 7.1.12_113530


  • Implemented Authcode process for transfer domains
    • When a new .at domain is registered, DomiNIC generates an authinfo (14 digits) and sends it to, where it is stored. The authinfo is also generated when a domain is updated (contact or name server change)
    • For transfers of .at, and domains the user can set an authinfo.
    • A new right OrderAuthCodeOptional was introduced. If a user profile is set to have this right, the authinfo is handled as optional field. The system is so preconfigured that the end-customer profile does not have this right. This means the authcode is mandatory for end users.
    • If an authinfo is set, DomiNIC sends it to If it is correct, the order is processed directly.
    • If no authinfo was set, it is not sent to, and will start an alternative transfer process.
    • DomiNIC generates the standard transfer pdfs for approval requests for both transfer with and without authcode
    • Following a transfer, DomiNIC generates a new authinfo
    • For Ascio, Core and Epag the authinfo for .at, and can be used as described for


  • Fix for: problem with storing name server handles for name servers with more than one IP
  • Fix for: optional Authcode field shown as mandatory
  • Fix for: Layout problem in extended filter criteria for domain search

Known Issues

  • In some cases name zones are not deleted from name servers when a transfer is declined by the Nic
  • Zone Lock not possible with customer primary and auto name servers as a slave

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