Version 7.1.12

Features and Improvements

1. General features

  • The temporary folder (previously '/tmp') for all components (Application Server, BPE, Jetty) can now be set by configuration. For details of configuration settings please refer to documentation.
  • Configurable waiting period before zones are deleted from name servers. In all use cases where zones are deleted from name servers (deletion of domains, outgoing transfers, change of name servers). In order to use the feature an update of the RNS agents to Version 6.1.20 is necessary.
  • Parallel zone edits are now also possible for the following use case: A delete or expire order was started and the order is waiting for confirmation
  • It is now possible to create zones with a customer primary and auto name servers as slaves

2. Validation of resource records:

  • The strictness of record validation can be set by configuration. Configuration details:
  • The validation of domain names executed according to RFC: ASCII characters (whithout whitespaces, control characters), length is checked.
  • System allows now PTR records with identical names.


  • The SOAP API now offers the feature “conversion of special characters”. If enabled, special characters in contact data are converted to ASCII characters, when NIC policies do not allow special characters. The feature can be enabled on a per-customer base.
  • The SOAP API request CustomerInfo returns now only the number of domains for a customer. A list of domains can be retrieved by the CustomerDomainInventory request.

4. Usability and GUI

  • Link to “order data” removed from context menu in domain inventory
  • Several minor GUI optimizations
  • Additional Search filter for availability check
  • Whois panel: scrolling of pannel without scrolling of background page
  • Improved validation of e-mail addresses in contacts

5. Order Processing

  • DomiNIC now sends a mail to back office when a NIC sends a notification about deleted name servers (hosts) and the name servers are still assigned to an active domain in DomiNIC
  • Core: notifications about system shutdown are ignored


  • Fix for a problem of multiple contact creates in bulk orders: When executing bulk orders via SOAP API or batch interface with identical domain contacts only one contact and handle is created at the NIC.
  • Fix for: Problem with Eurid, when changing Tech-C to Onsite-C
  • Fix for: Availability check does in some specific situations not display NIC informations
  • Fix for: Price detail texts not displayed for anonymous users
  • Fix for: Authcode not changed when domain is transferred to Switch
  • Fix for: In some rare cases the processing of NIC notificaitons can cause an error.
  • Fix for: Order validation for transfers uses registration period instead of transfer period
  • Fix for: Some localisation problems on standalone page for order confirmation
  • Fix for: Authinfo1 for .de domains: status not correctly set after owner change
  • Fix for: Problem when owner change for a domain with identical Tech-C and Admin-C
  • Fix for: Translation manager: in some cases user gets an error when saving translations
  • Fix for: Translation manager: in some cases user gets an error when displaying translations keys


  • TLDs added for Ascio:
  • .rocks
  • .scout
  • .care
  • .healthcare
  • .ski
  • .网络 (.xn–fiqs8s)
  • Allowed IDN characters for .cn domains were updated


  • Version 2.6 of SOAP API released. Please download API description Version 2.6 here: Download SOAP API

RNS Agent

  • RNS Agent Version 6.1.20 of RNS agent released.
  • The released version supports the feature Configurable waiting period before zones are deleted from name servers. For installation instructions please consult: Configuration rns agents

Known Issues

  • In some cases name zones are not deleted from name servers when a transfer is declined by the Nic
  • In some cases a problem occures with storage of nameserver handles. To be solved in next release.
  • Zone Lock not possible with customer primary and auto name servers as a slave

Update requirements

  • Please note: the new feature 'configurable /tmp folder' requires the run.xml to be exchanged. Details are communicated by our support.

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