Version 7.1.11


  • New web service CustomerDomainInventory added to SOAP API. This service returns the domain inventory of a single customer or the complete domain inventory of the system.
  • Enhanced functionality of SOAP API web service DomainInfo. This service now returns the resource records of a domain.
  • New system configuration allows to control which protocol is used for dns requests: IPv4 or IPv6. This allows IPv4 systems to use IPv6 name servers.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

  • Added nTLDs .immobilien and .farm
  • Resellers and staff can now view the order details for auto-renewals, outgoing transfers and domain cancellations initiated by the Nic.
  • The SOAP API now allows to use the standard contact handles of the operator (Tech-C, Bill-C, Zone-C) by sending a static string.
  • The validation of local presence data was improved, allowing larger lists of country codes for validation.
  • Corrected an issue with provisioning of zones in cases when name servers are switched.
  • Corrected an issue with incoorrect domain status in rare cases, when name servers are switched
  • Fix for: Resource records of internal name server groups not shown in domain registration process
  • Correected issue with SOA entries for hidden master name servers
  • Fix for: in rare cases resource records are duplicated when name server groups are changed
  • Performance Optimization for Domain inventory and search sites for orders, customers, users, domain-details.


  • Version 2.5 of SOAP API released. Please download API description Version 2.5 here: SOAP API Download

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