Version 7.2.0

Features and Improvements

  • Improved starting/stopping mechanism
  • SPF Resource records will always be converted into TXT records, since SPF records are obsolete.
  • Reset functionality for logos: When a custom logo is removed, DomiNIC resets the logo to the default logo of the used theme.
  • Name server selection: The panel for selecting a name server is now folded in by default. Only when a domain uses no name servers provisioned by DomiNIC the panel is shown folded out.

Upgrades for Application Server and Webserver

  • Upgraded application server from Jboss 4.2.2 GA to Wildfly 8.2.0
  • Updated Jetty web server to 9.2.10.v20150310


  • Fixed an issue where .job domains could not be registered.
  • Fixed an issue where some EPAG domains could only be deleted instead of expired. 
  • Fixed an issue with setting up zones when name server settings for a domain are changed from automatic master(s) + customer name server(s) to automatic master(s) + automatic slave(s). 
  • Fixed an issue where the last page in all pager sites is empty, when the amount of results is too big 
  • Fixed some small issues with table sorters in the name server administration and order search 

Upgrade procedure

  • For the update procedure please refer to the information provided by our support team with the distribution.

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