DomiNIC Release 7.2.1


  • Changes of minor owner and admin contact fields like address fields or phone number will not cause order approvals any more. These minor fields can be configured.
  • Orders for the same domain which are started via SOAP interface will be queued now, when an order for the domain is already in process.
  • Improved behavior for setting up zones by RNS agents on name servers, that cannot be queried from the DomiNIC BPE.
  • GUI: Resource records can now be added alternatively by pressing the enter key.


  • Fixed an issue where Core02 owner contact handles for .eu domains were used for admin contacts.
  • Ascio autorenew notifications for zones will now not block the zone from beeing modified any more.
  • Fixed an issue where the EPAG trustee service was disabled during domain updates.
  • Improved timeout handling for the Core02 and Core04 interfaces.
  • polling message about Restore in online portal is processed correctly (domain-unlocked-customer)
  • Removed unnecessary line breaks from the beginning of mails

Nic policy updates

New TLDs for Ascio

  • sale
  • fashion
  • bet
  • auto
  • car
  • cars
  • family
  • vin
  • wine
  • vision
  • security
  • protection
  • broker
  • forex
  • trading
  • party
  • ricket
  • bid
  • review
  • science
  • cfd
  • food

TLDs for Epag added

  • cr
  • bs

Updates forEpag

  • / field 'Tax number' added
  • .kr - field 'ID number' and validation on LP owner added.
  • sg/ - field 'ID number' for owner and admin added. Validation on LP admin added. Validation on ID number filled in when admin resides in 'sg'.

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