DomiNIC Release 7.2.3


  • Redesigned administration page for toplevel domains, featuring multi checkbox selections and assignment of default nics (for multinic usage)
  • It is now possible to select multiple resource records for editing, either by checkbox or shift-click


  • Added an own description text for automatic domain renewals within accounting records to seperate them from order period prices for registrations and transfers
  • The TLD of contact specific Core02/Core04 contacts won't be exported as "information2" attribute for domainExport and domainInfo SOAP API requests any more
  • Improved behavior of customer selection boxes in environments with many customers
  • Improvement for domain availability check: Updated default value of the system configuration setting dominic.unreliableRootNameservers
  • Added an additional tab for new TLDs on the start page


  • Fix for: Error occurs when order approval for ContactModify is generated
  • Fix for: polling messages for restore requests can't setup zones to auto name servers
  • Fix for: domain orders via SOAP API are not processed if a contact requires a tax id
  • Fix for: pgp signed mails can not be verified
  • Fix for: GUI page validations are progressed when a customer was changed in the customer suggestion box

Nic Policy Updates

New TLDs for Ascio:

  • vet

New TLDs for Epag:

  • fund
  • investments

Fixes for Ascio:

  • .ba authcode field for transfer and org_number field added
  • .fr type person not allowed for Tech-C
  • .hu PDFs corrected
  • *.id adjusting SLDs to .id, validation of LP for owner (apart from,
  • .ao works now, owner has to reside in Angola

Fixes for Epag:

  • .cl only type person allowed for Admin-C
  • .sg allowed nameserver min 2 and max 3, if Admin_c resides in SG id-number required
  • .rw transaction transfer and and authcode field added

Fixes for Core:

  • whois works correctly for TLDs assigned to CORE02

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