DomiNIC Release 7.2.4


  • Bulk operation for Delete and Expire:
    • In the domain inventory a user can select multiple domains for delete and expire.
    • Domains can be selected by a simple left click, by shift clicks over multiple lines or by the new "select all/select all visible" option
    • After selecting multiple domains the user can choose the desired action. Domains where delete or expire is not supported will be displayed to the user.
    • The bullk feature can be activated by a new user right.
  • New registrar Instra implemented


  • The option to set contact handles within domain operations can now be deactivated by a new user right 
  • Removed redundant line breaks in many email templates 
  • The order search result is now ordered by the start date (latest entries first) by default
  • Added gpg signature for order approval confirmation mails 
  • The SOAP API commands DomainInfo and DomainExport will now return the name of the currently assigned name server group 
  • The export of the domain inventory now contains the domain's last change date



  • Fixed an issue where a certain notification for coudn't be parsed correctly and therefore caused problems to handle following notifications 
  • The script call " status" can now be used again 
  • Ascio authinfo update operations for .de and .eu domains will now submit the maximum authinfo period instead of just 1 day 
  • Fixed an issue where authcodes were not stored correctly for internal transfer orders 
  • Fixed an issue where new zones can be ordered for domains which already belongs to the logged in customer
  • Email address "Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!" for owner contacts received from domain info responses won't be stored any longer 
  • Fixed an issue where the user right ResellerTldModify was required to set new default NICs in the topleveldomain configuration page 
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled transit orders started immediately if no schedule date was set 
  • Fixed an issue where resource records were removed from DomiNIC after a re-import of domains with hidden primary name servers 
  • Fixed an issue where the last order correspondence entry could not be opened in some circumstances 
  • Name server host names will always be cast to lower case to prevent errors while performing host create nic operations 
  • Fixed an issue where NS zone delegations with glue records caused validation errors 
  • Added zone validation errors for CNAME and TXT records with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where the TLD of zones were not identified correctly while registering sub zones
  • Fixed an issue where price templates cannot be downloaded when there are configuration errors for TLD/NIC assignments 
  • Fixed an issue where the owner change option was not set correctly when reloading a domain transfer order

Nic Policy Updates

New TLDs for Ascio

  • tg
  • sv
  • id
  • vip
  • shopping
  • boats
  • yachts
  • ist
  • istanbul
  • autos
  • haus
  • motorcycles
  • blog

New TLDs for Epag

  • gd
  • hm
  • ky
  • sv
  • mortgage
  • land
  • love
  • bio
  • business
  • care
  • cool
  • earth
  • estate
  • film
  • fit
  • gift
  • gifts
  • green
  • healthcare
  • immo
  • live
  • lol
  • london
  • one
  • pics
  • pictures
  • place
  • rent
  • rentals
  • rip
  • rocks
  • science
  • ski
  • team
  • town
  • video
  • world

 New TLDs für Core02


Fixes for Ascio

  • .it Validation added: owner not from Italy -> Registrant type has to be 7
  • .ch/.li create authinfo added

Fixes for Epag

  • .am authcode for transfer neccessary
  • .as Admin-C and Tech-C now mandatory
  •  .cu transfer allowed now


  • Version 2.9 of SOAP API released. Please download API description Version 2.9 here: Download SOAP API

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