DomiNIC Release 7.6.0

Important: Release 7.6.0 requires NIC-Container 2.0


  • Upgraded Wildfly from version 8 to version 12
  • All DomiNIC components now support Java 9
  • Dashboards for operators and end customers implemented. Details on this feature can be found in the online documentation chapter 12.4 Dashboard
  • A reseller customer is labeled and subordinate customers can now be displayed in the customer administration


  • Database PostgreSQL 10 can be used with DomiNIC
  • New NICs will be added via migration job
  • Validation of the maximum number of name servers can now be set on TLD level. This policy will be delivered with new NIC container releases
  • Required authcodes for domain modify orders will now be validated
  • Users can now be filtered by their user profiles
  • Improved and localized information text for GUI price imports
  • Error messages improved for invalid user and customer import files
  • Price files can now be imported as Excel (additionally to CSV) file. Price templates now only contain English table headers, so that the import is independent of the current GUI localization


  • Orders coming from Soap API now contain the NIC-Container version they were started with
  • Fixed display problem in order approval search results list
  • Fixed issue with closely spaced orders using the same contact
  • Infogate command 'SendNicRequest' works again for all NICs except ASCIO
  • Zone modify orders will not get stuck due to contact validation
  • Admin-C as a recipient for authcode information has been removed for TLDs that do not support the Admin-C
  • The change of the IP address for a name server in the name server management is now sent to the NIC with a subsequent domain modify order
  • Selected entry from field 'Group' in 'Create/Edit Zone Entry' on page 'Name servers' persists when changing other zone entry values
  • Label for input field of IPv6 addresses on the page 'Name servers' added
  • Fixed issue within the RRI connection to Denic that occasionally occurred when the response is larger than 2048 Bytes
  • Fixed modify orders for EPAG contact handle
  • Fixed issue that could lead to duplicate generation of EPAG contact handles
  • Fixed issue in the SOAP API that occurred when a non existing effective customer was passed in the request
  • Fixed issue with the appserver caching of user rights that can occur when the rights of a profile are changed
  • Fixed SOAP/batch API operation DomainExportAsModify for domains with NAPTR resource records
  • Fixed zone query from DNS for real SPF records (not TXT)
  • SOAP API operation pollingAck will now return an error code and message when a non existing message id is passed

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