DomiNIC Release 7.6.1

Important: Release 7.6.1 requires NIC-Container 2.2 or higher.


  • The About DomiNIC page was replaced by the page Status and Maintenance, where important system informations are displayed. Administrators with the appropriate profile can restart the system here.  A full description of this feature can be found in our online documentation.
  • DomiNIC adjustments for GDPR requirements. Storage of personal data can now be managed according to GDPR requirements. DomiNIC now offers mechanisms to delete or anonymize personal data. A full description of this feature can be found in our online documentation.
    • Additional information texts the pages My user account and Contact Data inform the users about the purpose of the data stored by the system.
    • Whois disclose fields for owner and admin contacts are no longer activated by default
    • Creation of polling messages created for orders started by SOAP API can now be deactivated by a system configuration
    • Deletion of data/anonymization: The following features have to be specifically enabled by the operator of the system:
      • Database logging of transactions of users will now be cleared after configurable number of days (default is 360 days)
      • Contact details will be cleaned for orders that are older than a configurable number of days (default is 180 days).
      • Domains which were deleted, transferred out or had been expired will be completely removed after a configurable number of days (default is 3 years).
  • Reporting: If enabled, DomiNIC creates  a monthly TLD based report. Find out more about this feature in our online documentation


  • If a domain/zone is assigned to more than one name server group, end customers will now see which name server group is assigned to a resource record. 
  • Special registration hints that concern certain NIC policies will be highlighted on the contact data page.
  • The domain detail and lifecycle page can now be refreshed by a link on the page's top right corner.
  • The date fields (arrival, scheduled, start, completion) of the SOAP API response orderInfo will now also contain the time of day.


  • Fixed an issue that can occur in the connection between BPE and Wildfly if SSL connections are used.
  • Adjusted whois parser, after's GDPR changes.
  • Fixed an issue with host create nic operations.
  • Duplicate badwords are now prohibited in the badword manager.


  • Request DomainZoneModify can be used for zone modifies of regular domains as well as for a parallel running zonemodify operation. Find more details in our online documentation.

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