DomiNIC Release 7.8.2

Important: Release 7.8.2 requires NIC-Container 4.4 or higher


  • DNSSEC support for Switch
  • DNSSEC support for CORE
  • DNSSEC support for Key Systems
  • DomiNIC now supports the Interface CoreNG
  • Null MX Record implemented
  • Ascio premium domains can now be ordered


  • Consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoeNG
  • In the course of consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoreNG the authinfo modify function and the registrar lock functions have been implemented for the old Core02 TLDs.
  • Maximum password length for users is now configurable
  • When DNSSEC is activated, DomiNIC will wail until the maximum resource record TTL has expired before the KSK is transferred to the NIC.
  • Automatic contact delete initiated by the NIC is implemented for Key Systems


  • Web forwardings for zones now work when started by an end user
  • Activating DNSSEC for Ascio TLDs that do not support an admin contact now works
  • Email subject of transfer away email corrected
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a web forwarding is established for a domain
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a NIC sync is done
  • Prices for local presence can be specified for domains that formerly required local presence but currently no longer
  • Activation of DNSSEC will now remove all may existing old keys from NIC


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