DomiNIC Release 8.0.0

Important: Release 8.0.0 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher

Release 8.0.0 contains a number of important system upgrades:

  • Support for Java 11
  • Support for Adopt OpenJDK 11
  • Upgrade of 3rd party components


  • GUI: Upgrade/exchange of many GUI components
    • Improved search function for all inventory pages.
    • Unified user experience for all inventory lists
    • New GUI components 
  • New/improved functionality for page "Top Level Domains"
  • New user right for the visibility of authcodes
  • New user right for visibility of name server groups
  • All TTLs of  SOA and NS resource records can now be defined on TLD level


  • Improved user rights for a better combination of access rights
  • Implemented treatment of contact polling messages for Key Systems
  • Improved efficiency of OrdersAnonymizeJob (GDPR) 
  • Increased transaction timeout for accounting jobs


  • Fixed issue with internal name server groups
  • Email addresses containing uppercase letters are now accepted 
  • Fixed issue with the import of DNSSEC keys
  • The filter "order start" in the order search now works correctly regarding scheduled jobs
  • Fix for: In some cases backend orders are started without Nic account
  • Expire date for Denic domains remains empty after domain restore
  • Fixed issue with assigning DNS templates to customers
  • When utilizing bulk order the drop down field for TLD selection is now disabled
  • The keys for DNSSEC key rollover are now queried directly from the specified name server
  • Field domain name language code is also displayed for non ASCII TLDs
  • Check of KSK in the parent zone is only done for domains with only zone administration
  • Fixed issue with an empty list for bulk orders when acting from a client gateway receiving a timeout



  • Two optional elements of the type boolean have been added to ZoneImportRequest: importDnsZones and reImport
  • An optional attribute active of the type boolean was added as an attribute to all resource records.

Please refer to our SOAP API documentation for further information.

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