DomiNIC Release 8.0.3

Important: Release 8.0.3 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher


  • The one-time password for two factor authentication will be requested in a separate login form now, instead of the same form with user name and password
  • Improvements for domain inventory:
    • Search options / filters are initially expanded
    • Replaced expire date with last change date within the search result
    • Last change date set as default sorter, lately changed domains will be shown first
    • Last order state can now be filtered
    • Button "Initialize fields" will reset the customer number as well now
    • Removed search button for customer number
  • Session tracking mode can now be configured by a new system configuration (See
  • Calendar times for scheduled ttl controlled orders can now be set within a separate input field
  • When a redirect is removed, a warning will be shown to the user with a hint, that the missing A record has to be replaced manually to ensure the resolution of the zone or its subdomains. This warning message has to be approved by the user.
  • Added an option "Nothing set" option for dns-templates. This also solves some adverse behaviour in reloaded orders
  • Added handling for new Switch registrar lock / unlock polling notifications
  • Added handling for Switch DS-data change polling notifications
  • Temporary files on the file system will be cleared automatically on regular basis
  • Improved localizations and validation for Denic contact field "URI template"
  • The name of the one-time password (for two factor authentication) shown on a mobile device can now be configured via system configuration (See:
  • Added Email notifications for KSK rollovers
  • Improved domain name validation on end user dashboad
  • Improvements for handling of two factor authentication on the "My user account" page with different data sources


  • Fixed an issue in processing polling notifcations "domain-unlocked-customer" for domains without a valid NIC account
  • Fixed displaying/download of PDFs and other attachments within the order correspondence
  • Fixed display of user name in the end user dashboad when neither first or last name is set
  • Fixed an issue with dns synchronization for idn domains
  • Session time out will now be performed on the backoffice dashboad and maintenance site
  • Fixed an issue where the NIC was not adjusted when a domain import was performed for a zone (dns-only domain)
  • Forwarding service validation for conflicting resource records will be performed case insensitive to ensure a proper validation dispite bad data quality
  • NIC notifications for deleted and expired domains will set the domain to a redemption period first, if supported by the TLD
  • Fixed an Issue where queued orders failed after a new (for these orders incompatible) nic container version was installed
  • Domain status reservation only will be retained if the NIC still responds with dns problems after a domain update. In addition, the status will be removed after a successfully performed owner change.
  • Fixed an issue regarding filtering in resource record search: filters are now correctly reset


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