DomiNIC Release 8.0.4

Important: Release 8.0.4 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher

New Features

  • Import functionality for domains: this allows domains registered directly at the NIC to be imported into DomiNIC by an easy to use tool in the user interface.


  • Spaces before and after authcodes will now be removed.
  • Improved the configuration for the application name for one time password
  • Resend of email for user account activation implemented
  • When structural changes prohibit the deployment of new nicconatainer versions without an update of DomiNIC: now niccontainer patches can be prepared and installed


  • Solved problems with sorting, filtering and paging of big zones
  • Solved problem with seperating domain names when entering for bulk orders
  • Fixed issue with configurable SOA values
  • Corrected setting of status Reservation Only (RO) for Denic domain transfers
  • Denic authcode will now be deleted in DomiNIC when the domain ist deleted
  • Fixed issue with activation of DNSSEC after a faillure of DNSSEC activation
  • Polling messages from to remove name server handles are now correctly processed
  • Norid contact and domain information is now separated
  • Fixed issue with transfer from one account to another account within DomiNIC
  • Fixed issue with Ascio field Registrationdate for TLD .xxx
  • Fixed issue with determination of the registry id for Core regarding puny code TLDs


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