DomiNIC Release 8.1.0

Important: Release 8.1.0 requires NIC-Container 6.0 or higher

New Features

  • DomiNIC offers now the feature "Ordering and management of SSL certificates". A user can order a certificate and manage the whole certificate lifecycle. The feature is available as a premium feature. Find out more in our online documentation.



  • Domain inventory can be searched for domains in redemption period
  • Selection of multiple options possible for domain status in the domain inventory
  • Improved performance of the Excel exports
  • 2FA application name is now configurable
  • Improved validation for domains in Soap API



  • When the key tag for dnssec is queried from dns only visible name servers are queried
  • Fixed issue with display of domain expire transaction
  • Fixed issue with check box 'approve' for expire transactions
  • Fixed issue with wrong nic or nic account after failed transactions
  • Fixed issue with domain registration when the domain already exists in DominiNIC as dnsonly
  • GUI switch for DNSSEC is now displayed for Full Nameservice groups with manual name servers
  • Fixed issue with bulk orders containing empty lines
  • Consolidated naming of generated name server groups
  • Fixed issue with failed transfers for domains that already exist in DomiNIC as dnsonly, zone entries are now sustained
  • Zone validation with deactivated zone.strictvalidation has become less strict
  • Fixed issue with changing the name server group when the groups contain some identical name servers

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