DomiNIC Release 8.2.2

Important: Release 8.2.2 requires NIC-Container 7.0 or higher


  • Input options and description improved for TLSA records.
  • SOAP API: specification of the nameserver group is now optional for ZoneModify/DomainZoneModify operations.
  • Default value for session timeout set to 20 minutes.


  • Fxed issue with display of registrar lock flags.
  • Fixed issue regarding the Issuer-Critical-Flag of the CAA resource record.
  • Updated polling message for automatic contact deletion at
  • Fixed issue for automatic renew of IDN domains via polling message.
  • Fixed issue with download of domain and order attachments.
  • Fixed issue with malfunction of icon for the selection of files for an upload.
  • Fixed issue with polling messages for domains that are not in the DomiNIC domain inventory.
  • Fixed issue with missing owner handles after transfer.
  • Fixed issue with zone lock operation.
  • Fixed issue with use of the domain account in Soap/batch interface.
  • GUI issue: domain name in the ordering process is on the left hand side as usual.
  • Improved information for changes from full name service to no name service.
  • Tooltip information corrected for system parameter dmw.login.sessiontimeout.

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