DomiNIC Release 8.2.3

Important: Release 8.2.3 requires NIC-Container 7.0 or higher

New features

  • An extended configurable domain data export is now available as a premium feature: individual sets of data export for domain assigned data can be configured and provided to users corresponding to their user rights profile.
  • A new resource record filter in the customer inventory is available as a premiuim fetaure: the record filter makes it possible to find domains with certain records or certain values ​​of records.
  • The new GDPR Control Panel allows site administrators to view and edit all GDPR settings.
  • Implementation of NIC Hexonet.
  • A customer account can now have more than one user attached. This helps business customers who need more than one user account for their staff.


  • Paralell processing of autorenews: autorenews will be carried out even when an order for the domain is waiting for NIC response or order approval.
  • Improvement of error messages for expired or already carried out order approvals.
  • Improvement in functionality and layout of GUI popups.
  • Reservation only workflow for Ascio and TLD .de implemented.
  • Soap-Api: when using NIC synchronisation the NIC account assigned to the respective domain is used


  • Fixed issue with import of customers.
  • Fixed issue with the download of messages from the order correspondence.
  • Fixed issue with hidden name servers in PDFs.
  • Fixed issue with the pager of a search result when changing the number of results per page.
  • Popup for resend of approval mails is now closed after the click on the send button.
  • Input fields on the contact page in the ordering process have been enlarged.
  • fixed issue with session timeout


Version 2.24 of the SOAP API is released.

  • UserCreate request: first and last name added as optional fields.

For details please refer to the SOAP API documentation.

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