DomiNIC Release 8.2.5

Important: Release 8.2.5 requires NIC-Container 7.9 or higher


  • When NIC policies do not allow non ascii characters in contact data, these characters will be  converted automatically if possible
  • Delayed zone delete orders will not be shown in the domain lifecycle any more. Only the root customer will be able to see these orders.
  • The profile settings now include an information link about the deletion of accounts. If this link shall not be shown to clients, it can be removed by setting the new system configuration to false.
  • Unified domain renew comments in accounting reports. The text is now always "Automatic renew fee for 1 year(s)", no matter whether the renew was initialized by the NIC or DomiNIC
  • Improved labels, tooltips and information for the ttl-controlled job feature 
  • Zone transfers for internal transfers are now protected with a new user right. Only users with the new right are able to perform an AXFR for internal transfers 
  • Notifications from Eurid regarding removed contacts will cause DomiNIC to remove the contact from the database as well, as long as it is not assigned to any active domain 


  • Fixed an issue with DNSSEC signed IDN domains using Knot DNS
  • Fixed an issue which occurred in certain situations when a domain is switched to manual name servers
  • The dns-active domain status will now be set, if a domain is imported whose zone is already managed by DomiNIC. Likewise the dns-active status is set after a data sync with the NIC, if the domain uses auto name servers 
  • Removed multiple whitespace characters in SPF records, as these can lead to validation errors in mail servers and online spf-checking tools 
  • It is no longer allowed to enter manual name servers for host names, which are already used as auto name servers in the system, as this led to issues with name server changes 


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