DomiNIC Release 8.3.0


Important: Release 8.3.0 requires NIC-Container 8.0 or higher

New Features

  • DomiNIC now offers RCode Zero DNS management service as a premium feature. Please contact our support team for details.
  • New panel for registrar lock/unlock
  • GDPR deletion routine for unused domain contacts: unassigned contacts are deleted via polling message by NIC. Alternatively a deletion routine can be configured in the GDPR control panel.
  • Encryption of all passwords and encryption tool
  • Additional fields in customer and user administration: mobile number for users and tax registration numer for customers
  • New user friendly input field for phone numbers
  • It can be configured which option for domain deletion is pre-selected (now/expiry date/specific date)
  • New function "view/hide" password


  • Upgrade of the application server to wildfly 25
  • Default session timeout reduced to 20 minutes
  • validation of local presence implemented in SOAP/REST API
  • It is now possible to change zones while KSK rollover is pending
  • Reduced time for saving the zone versioning
  • On the tab "Transfer Domain" the validation for NIC rules is deactivated. By this for example two character domains can be transferred, while the registration of a 2-charachter domain is denied
  • Adjusted GUI layout for the customer suggestion box, giving better visiblity to long customer IDs
  • Improved handling of TTL values of resource record sets
  • Enhanced validation of AAAA records, IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses are now identified and an error message is displayed that IPv4 address must be used
  • Core: Owner verification: an email ist now sent to the customer when DomiNIC receives the polling reminder.
  • Improved parsing of RDAP queries
  • System configuration now allows longer input strings
  • Ascio: price for premium domains is not longer displayed
  • SOAP API DomainInfo request: Authcode is only returned if user has adequate rights profile
  • Added a length validation for SPF records. Warning level can be configured


  • Fixed issue with bulk orders and Multi-NIC.
  • Fixed issue with contact modify for unassigned contacts via Soap API.
  • Fixed issue with domain import via Soap API when the domain already exists in DomiNIC
  • Fix for: Existing AAAA record is not deactivated when a redirect for the zone is created
  • Fix for: Authinfo delete for Eurid not working
  • Fixed issue with email addresses with capital letters at
  • Fixed issue with deactivating records in big zones.
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent comments in accounting files
  • Fixed issue with the automatic deletion of domains when a domain attachment had been assigned
  • Multiple price uploads for same date are now possible.
  • Mulit NIC: Fixed issue with domain modify containing a contact handle belonging to a different NIC account in Soap API
  • Multi NIC: fixed issue with duplicate name server handles
  • Fixed issue with the toggle buttons in system configuration
  • Fix for: Certificate renew does not work from Domain Details page
  • Fix for: Translation keys that were manually localized are not shown in the User Interface
  • Fixed issue with Core transfer away with confirmation.
  • Fixed issue with zone versioning after change of name server group
  • Fixed issue with domain import via Soap API when no nameserver group is specified
  • Fixed issue with delayed deletion of zones
  • fixed issue with password reset and activated two factor authentication
  • Fixed issue with deletion of resource records in Soap API
  • Fix for: page availability check: selected area tab is not displayed



  • Added extended validation of field "telephone" to CustomerModifyRquest
  • Added taxRegistrationNumber to CustomerDetailsData>
  • Added mobileNumber to UserCreateRequest>

For all changes and details please refer to our SOAP API documentation.

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