DomiNIC Release 8.0.5

Important: Release 8.0.5 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher


  • Added more detailed response data to SOAP API operation PolicyInfo


  • NIC notifications for expired/deleted domains will not cause domain data to be removed immediately, if the domain has a redemption period
  • Register/Transfer tile in the end user dashboard will only be displayed, if the logged in user has the appropriate right
  • Fixed upload of zone files for bulk domain registrations

DomiNIC Release 8.0.4

Important: Release 8.0.4 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher

New Features

  • Import functionality for domains: this allows domains registered directly at the NIC to be imported into DomiNIC by an easy to use tool in the user interface.


  • Spaces before and after authcodes will now be removed.
  • Improved the configuration for the application name for one time password
  • Resend of email for user account activation implemented
  • When structural changes prohibit the deployment of new nicconatainer versions without an update of DomiNIC: now niccontainer patches can be prepared and installed


  • Solved problems with sorting, filtering and paging of big zones
  • Solved problem with seperating domain names when entering for bulk orders
  • Fixed issue with configurable SOA values
  • Corrected setting of status Reservation Only (RO) for Denic domain transfers
  • Denic authcode will now be deleted in DomiNIC when the domain ist deleted
  • Fixed issue with activation of DNSSEC after a faillure of DNSSEC activation
  • Polling messages from to remove name server handles are now correctly processed
  • Norid contact and domain information is now separated
  • Fixed issue with transfer from one account to another account within DomiNIC
  • Fixed issue with Ascio field Registrationdate for TLD .xxx
  • Fixed issue with determination of the registry id for Core regarding puny code TLDs


DomiNIC Release 8.0.3

Important: Release 8.0.3 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher


  • The one-time password for two factor authentication will be requested in a separate login form now, instead of the same form with user name and password
  • Improvements for domain inventory:
    • Search options / filters are initially expanded
    • Replaced expire date with last change date within the search result
    • Last change date set as default sorter, lately changed domains will be shown first
    • Last order state can now be filtered
    • Button "Initialize fields" will reset the customer number as well now
    • Removed search button for customer number
  • Session tracking mode can now be configured by a new system configuration (See
  • Calendar times for scheduled ttl controlled orders can now be set within a separate input field
  • When a redirect is removed, a warning will be shown to the user with a hint, that the missing A record has to be replaced manually to ensure the resolution of the zone or its subdomains. This warning message has to be approved by the user.
  • Added an option "Nothing set" option for dns-templates. This also solves some adverse behaviour in reloaded orders
  • Added handling for new Switch registrar lock / unlock polling notifications
  • Added handling for Switch DS-data change polling notifications
  • Temporary files on the file system will be cleared automatically on regular basis
  • Improved localizations and validation for Denic contact field "URI template"
  • The name of the one-time password (for two factor authentication) shown on a mobile device can now be configured via system configuration (See:
  • Added Email notifications for KSK rollovers
  • Improved domain name validation on end user dashboad
  • Improvements for handling of two factor authentication on the "My user account" page with different data sources


  • Fixed an issue in processing polling notifcations "domain-unlocked-customer" for domains without a valid NIC account
  • Fixed displaying/download of PDFs and other attachments within the order correspondence
  • Fixed display of user name in the end user dashboad when neither first or last name is set
  • Fixed an issue with dns synchronization for idn domains
  • Session time out will now be performed on the backoffice dashboad and maintenance site
  • Fixed an issue where the NIC was not adjusted when a domain import was performed for a zone (dns-only domain)
  • Forwarding service validation for conflicting resource records will be performed case insensitive to ensure a proper validation dispite bad data quality
  • NIC notifications for deleted and expired domains will set the domain to a redemption period first, if supported by the TLD
  • Fixed an Issue where queued orders failed after a new (for these orders incompatible) nic container version was installed
  • Domain status reservation only will be retained if the NIC still responds with dns problems after a domain update. In addition, the status will be removed after a successfully performed owner change.
  • Fixed an issue regarding filtering in resource record search: filters are now correctly reset


DomiNIC Release 8.0.2

Important: Release 8.0.2 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher


  • Simplified resource record editor allows to enter host names for A and AAAA records.
  • Simplified resource record editor allows to enter TXT records.
  • Simplified resource record editor only allows to add one MX per hostname.
  • "@" characters will be converted to the domain name in resource record editor.
  • Slave nameservice allows to add several customer master name servers.
  • Improved SOAP API validation for domain create and zone create operations.
  • Synchronisation of Nic data now can be used also with internal name server groups


  • Users will be informed by email again after their account was locked because of too many failed login attempts.
  • Minor bug fixes for dashboard settings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented zones with TLDs that are only available for zone registrations from beeing created.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented domain modifications for domains without the status "DNS active".


DomiNIC Release 7.8.6

Important: Release 7.8.6 requires NIC-Container 4.7 or higher; if you use Eurid you will need at least NIC-Container 4.9


  • Implementation of Registry Norid.

DomiNIC Release 8.0.0

Important: Release 8.0.0 requires NIC-Container 5.0 or higher

Release 8.0.0 contains a number of important system upgrades:

  • Support for Java 11
  • Support for Adopt OpenJDK 11
  • Upgrade of 3rd party components


  • GUI: Upgrade/exchange of many GUI components
    • Improved search function for all inventory pages.
    • Unified user experience for all inventory lists
    • New GUI components 
  • New/improved functionality for page "Top Level Domains"
  • New user right for the visibility of authcodes
  • New user right for visibility of name server groups
  • All TTLs of  SOA and NS resource records can now be defined on TLD level


  • Improved user rights for a better combination of access rights
  • Implemented treatment of contact polling messages for Key Systems
  • Improved efficiency of OrdersAnonymizeJob (GDPR) 
  • Increased transaction timeout for accounting jobs


  • Fixed issue with internal name server groups
  • Email addresses containing uppercase letters are now accepted 
  • Fixed issue with the import of DNSSEC keys
  • The filter "order start" in the order search now works correctly regarding scheduled jobs
  • Fix for: In some cases backend orders are started without Nic account
  • Expire date for Denic domains remains empty after domain restore
  • Fixed issue with assigning DNS templates to customers
  • When utilizing bulk order the drop down field for TLD selection is now disabled
  • The keys for DNSSEC key rollover are now queried directly from the specified name server
  • Field domain name language code is also displayed for non ASCII TLDs
  • Check of KSK in the parent zone is only done for domains with only zone administration
  • Fixed issue with an empty list for bulk orders when acting from a client gateway receiving a timeout



  • Two optional elements of the type boolean have been added to ZoneImportRequest: importDnsZones and reImport
  • An optional attribute active of the type boolean was added as an attribute to all resource records.

Please refer to our SOAP API documentation for further information.

DomiNIC Release 7.8.5

Important: Release 7.8.5 requires NIC-Container 4.7 or higher; if you use Eurid you will need at least NIC-Container 4.9


  • Support of Eurid's new policy regarding the eligibility criteria for .eu domain owners. Not only companies or natural persons residing in the EU are now allowed to register .eu domains. Also natural persons with a citizenship from an EU country can now register .eu domains regardless of their place of residence.

DomiNIC Release 7.8.4

Important: Release 7.8.4 requires NIC-Container 4.7 or higher


  • Support of DeNIC RRI 3.0 API
  • DNSSEC Support for DeNIC


  • Name server group management allows to use name servers of superordinate customers now as intended.
  • Denic domains will no longer have expire dates.
  • Synchronazation of domain data will no longer remove the creation date and authcode if the NIC does not return these data.
  • Fixed issue with scheduled orders that are starting after a nic container update was deployed.
  • Asynchronous transfers of EPAG domains which receive a notification with result code 308043 will no longer set the reservation only status in DomiNIC.
  • Reservation only status will remain for DeNIC domains after an successfull update of domain data while DeNIC still responds with dns errors.

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