Version 7.1.16

Features and Improvements

  • Improved validation of resource records:
    • RR Data fields of the following record types no longer allowes IP Addresses. Instead entered IP Addresses will be considered as host names and converted into FQDN format: CNAME, MX, NAPTR(Replacement), NS, PTR, SRV.
    • Host names starting or ending with a hyphen are no longer allowed.
  • Configurable content on login page. 
    • The login page shows a text panel. The text used here can be localized by using the translation manager.
    • The feature also allows to change the layout of the panel.


  • Fixed an issue where zones were not set up correctly in certain cases of name server changes.

Version 7.1.15

Features and Improvements


  • DNS Templates
    • It is now possible to create and edit DNS Templates. A template stores a set of resource records. For details please refer to section 8.11 of the DomiNIC Online Documentation
    • DNS Templates can be created on customer level
    • When selecting a DNS template within the order process, all specified resource records will be included in the order
    • This feature can be activated based on new user rights 
  • Contact administration
    • Contact search, view and download functionalilty
    • Modification of contact details
    • For further information please refer to the DomiNIC Online Documentation
  • MultiNIC transfers
    • A domain already in DomiNIC can be transferred from one NIC to another, e.g. from a registrar to a registry or from a registrar to another registrar
    • It is also possible to change the customer assignment as well as the NIC.
    • This feature can be used with SOAP and Batch interface.
  • Domain Imports from NIC and DNS
    • Domains can be imported by using the DomainImportOrder via SOAP or Batch API. All data than can be obtained from the NIC will be queried automatically, containing contact data, nameservers, authcode etc. Also all resource records will be queried from the authoritative DNS, if a full zone transfer is allowed.
    • This feature can be used to either import new or missing domains in the system, or to synch existing domains with NIC data.
    • The feature is released for the following NICs:   
      • Denic RESTENA Switch   Ascio
    • For further information please refer to the DomiNIC Online Documentation, Section 1.10
  • Order Approval: Orders selected for approval or refusal are displayed in a list for confirmation.
Weiterlesen: Version 7.1.15

Version 7.1.12_113530


  • Implemented Authcode process for transfer domains
    • When a new .at domain is registered, DomiNIC generates an authinfo (14 digits) and sends it to, where it is stored. The authinfo is also generated when a domain is updated (contact or name server change)
    • For transfers of .at, and domains the user can set an authinfo.
    • A new right OrderAuthCodeOptional was introduced. If a user profile is set to have this right, the authinfo is handled as optional field. The system is so preconfigured that the end-customer profile does not have this right. This means the authcode is mandatory for end users.
    • If an authinfo is set, DomiNIC sends it to If it is correct, the order is processed directly.
    • If no authinfo was set, it is not sent to, and will start an alternative transfer process.
    • DomiNIC generates the standard transfer pdfs for approval requests for both transfer with and without authcode
    • Following a transfer, DomiNIC generates a new authinfo
    • For Ascio, Core and Epag the authinfo for .at, and can be used as described for
Weiterlesen: Version 7.1.12_113530

Version 7.1.12

Features and Improvements

1. General features

  • The temporary folder (previously '/tmp') for all components (Application Server, BPE, Jetty) can now be set by configuration. For details of configuration settings please refer to documentation.
  • Configurable waiting period before zones are deleted from name servers. In all use cases where zones are deleted from name servers (deletion of domains, outgoing transfers, change of name servers). In order to use the feature an update of the RNS agents to Version 6.1.20 is necessary.
  • Parallel zone edits are now also possible for the following use case: A delete or expire order was started and the order is waiting for confirmation
  • It is now possible to create zones with a customer primary and auto name servers as slaves
Weiterlesen: Version 7.1.12

Version 7.1.11


  • New web service CustomerDomainInventory added to SOAP API. This service returns the domain inventory of a single customer or the complete domain inventory of the system.
  • Enhanced functionality of SOAP API web service DomainInfo. This service now returns the resource records of a domain.
  • New system configuration allows to control which protocol is used for dns requests: IPv4 or IPv6. This allows IPv4 systems to use IPv6 name servers.
Weiterlesen: Version 7.1.11

Version 7.1.9


  • Abschließende Implementierung Standardpreise


  • Verbesserung an den Tooltips: Optimierter Anzeigebereich, Texte können aus Tooltips kopiert werden, Scrollbarkeit bei besonders großen Tooltips
  • Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, bei dem eingehende Ascio Benachrichtigungen falschen Aufträgen zugeordnet wurden.
  • Verbesserte Performance beim Auf- und Zuklappen einzelner Kontakt-Bereiche auf der Kontakt Seite im Bestellprozess.
  • Fehlerbehebung bei Delete-Aufträgen für Ascio Domains ohne Admin


  • Freigabe für die NIC Schnittstellen Core02 und Core04 mit folgendem TLD Portfolio:
    • Core02: biz, ch, cn,, com,,, eu, in, info, li, me, mobi, name, net,, org,,, tel, tw, us
    • Core04: at,, de, nl, tv
  • Freigabe für die NIC Schnittstelle Switch mit den TLDs .ch und .li

Version 7.1.8


  • Verbesserung der Zonenprüfung von automatisch aufgesetzten hidden primary Nameservern
  • Die generierte Authinfo für .de und .eu Domains wird jetzt an den im GUI ausgewählten Empfänger versendet
  • In der SOAP API können Resource Records bei Zonenänderungen jetzt alternativ vollständig angegeben werden, anstatt nur die geänderten Records anzugeben
  • Lokalisierung für Fehlerbeschreibungen in den E-Mail Auftragsbenachrichtigungen an Sachbearbeiter hinzugefügt
  • Wenn beim Zonentransfer ungültige Einträge aus dem DNS empfangen werden, werden die betroffenen Zoneneinträge zwar importiert aber deaktiviertund in einer Warnmeldung ausgegeben.
  • Die Validierung von IPv6 Adressen innerhalb von AAAA und SPF Resource Records wurde verbessert
  • Es ist nun möglich Transfer Aufträge für Domains zu starten, die sich bereits als Zonen im eigenen Bestand befinden
  • Weiterlesen: Version 7.1.8

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