DomiNIC Release 7.8.3

Important: Release 7.8.3 requires NIC-Container 4.4 or higher


  • DNSSEC Key Management: DomiNIC takes over the key administration for domains whose signed zones are not managed by DomiNIC


  • New user right for KSK rollovers via GUI


  • Auto delete from for obsolete contacts will now be processed successfully
  • Fixed parsing of auto renew messages from Key-Systems
  • Corrected effective customer in auto renew jobs started by a cronjob
  • When using the key management the name servers specified in the current order will be queried for the key tag
  • Corrected Ascio DNSSEC-Handle-Create request
  • The KSK rollover page will be displayed correctly now for DNSSEC key management domains that use a full nameservice group


NIC Container Release 4.5

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Key Systems when activating DNSSEC possibly existing DNSSEC Keys at the NIC will be removed
    • Epag complete data are sent to Epag when DNSSEC is ordered
    • Epag further TLDs added that support DNSSEC
    • Core issues fixed for .swiss, .abogado, .law
    • Core DNSSEC: differentiation of TLDs that need keyTag data or DS data corrected




NIC Container Release 4.4

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .sk, .hr, .be, .bg, .by dnssec added
    • Asco improved error messages on contact page
    • Ascio updated PDF for register .hu
    • Ascio .in authinfo modify enabled
    • Ascio .it authcode required removed for owner change and owner address change
    • Ascio .tirol authcode mandatory for transfer
    • Epag .ai only owner contact is required
    • Epag .bg VAT is mandatory for the owner contact
    • Core consolidation of Core02 and Core05 to CoreNG (Core02 is now CoreNG)
    • Core improved error messages on contact page


  • added TLDs
  • al
  • tl


Missing codepoint 'ö' added for several TLDs.

DomiNIC Release 7.8.2

Important: Release 7.8.2 requires NIC-Container 4.4 or higher


  • DNSSEC support for Switch
  • DNSSEC support for CORE
  • DNSSEC support for Key Systems
  • DomiNIC now supports the Interface CoreNG
  • Null MX Record implemented
  • Ascio premium domains can now be ordered


  • Consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoeNG
  • In the course of consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoreNG the authinfo modify function and the registrar lock functions have been implemented for the old Core02 TLDs.
  • Maximum password length for users is now configurable
  • When DNSSEC is activated, DomiNIC will wail until the maximum resource record TTL has expired before the KSK is transferred to the NIC.
  • Automatic contact delete initiated by the NIC is implemented for Key Systems


  • Web forwardings for zones now work when started by an end user
  • Activating DNSSEC for Ascio TLDs that do not support an admin contact now works
  • Email subject of transfer away email corrected
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a web forwarding is established for a domain
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a NIC sync is done
  • Prices for local presence can be specified for domains that formerly required local presence but currently no longer
  • Activation of DNSSEC will now remove all may existing old keys from NIC


DomiNIC Release 7.8.1

Important: Release 7.8.1 requires NIC-Container 4.2 or higher


  • DNSSEC support for Epag.
  • It is now possible to configure a HSTS Header for more security.


  • Added nameserver type 'slave' for name server NSD.


  • Bulk order EXPIRE: validation regarding expire date added.
  • Core02: parsing of transfer away polling messages corrected.
  • Escaping of special character in EPP templates corrected.
  • Adjusted validation of redirect URL's regarding angle brackets.
  • Bulk order with DNSSEC: corrected notification of valid and invalid domains.
  • Redirects: corrected display of redirects in order details and corrected preservation of their lock status on the name server page in the order process.
  • DNSSEC: Fixed identifying of parent NS records for SLDs like
  • DNSSEC: Fixed an issue where the KSK was not deleted from DomiNIC database after dnssec was removed from a domain.
  • Synchronization with data from will now ignore contact values "n/a".
  • Fixed an issue where transfer cancel orders were processed for the wrong domain.
  • Fixed problems with ZoneImport orders in SOAP-API.


NIC Container Release 4.3

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.1

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .app DNSSEC added
    • Ascio .ie corrected PDF for owner change
    • Ascio .hu corrected PDF for register
    • Ascio .hk corrected PDF sending for transfer
    • Denic allowed phone number format adjusted according to ITU-T E.123
    • Epag .ai authcode field for transfer added


  • added TLDs
  • luxe
  • realestate
  • sport

NIC Container Release 4.2

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.1

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .мкд ( xn–d1alf) codepoints added
    • Ascio .gr updated required fields
    • Ascio .hu updated Local-Presence-PDF
    • Ascio .live minimum allowed characters is 2
    • Ascio .ro field registrant type added for owner contact
    • Ascio Ascio mail address removed from Admin-C
    • Core05 .sport adjusted owner contact


  • added TLDs
  • charity
  • dev
  • inc
  • llc
  • monster
  • page

NIC Container Release 4.1

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .ua transfer authcode field added
    • Ascio .it info/error message on page Contacts removed
    • Ascio .hu for Register-PDFs either VAT or registrant number will be filled in


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