NIC Container Release 7.0

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.2.0

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio non ASCII characters are allowed in contact data for TLD .no
    • Ascio transfer period is now 1 year for .as
    • Key Systems transfer authcode not required for .lu



NIC Container Release 6.8

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.1.0, 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4, 8.1.5

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio fixed issue for TLD .sh, .ro, .rs and .pt.
    • Ascio added DNSSEC support for art, baby, bar, best, blog, cam, ceo, college, cyou, desi, design, fans, feedback, fit, frl, gay, gent, host, icu, ink, lc, love, luxury, me, mn, monster, online, ooo, pm, press, protection, re, reit, rent, rest, rugby, saarland, sc, security, sg, site, space, storage, store, tech, tf, tickets, uno, vc, website, wf, wiki, xyz, yt
  • added TLDs
  • desi
  • frl
  • gay
  • gent
  • mq
  • reit
  • rugby
  • wf
  • yt
  • 台灣
  • 香港



DomiNIC Release 8.1.5

Important: Release 8.1.5 requires NIC-Container 6.4 or higher


  • SSL certificate ordering: Contact details can differ from the data given in the CSR file now.
  • Improved text for authinfo-creation notification emails.
  • TTL value "0" for resource records: This value is now allowed in system configuration entry "dominic.dmw.resourcerecord.ttls".
  • Improved waiting times for KSK rollover orders before and after the new DS record is published at the NIC. This adjustment minimizes the risk of validation errors due to old (cached) records within resolvers.


  • Order approvals for domain expire orders can now be confirmed by end customers again
  • Domain import orders that import data directly from the order are now able to import resource records again

NIC Container Release 6.7

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.1.0, 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4, 8.1.5

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio *.gg, *.je, .ae, .berlin,,, .cologne,, .hr, .hu, .is,, .jp, .koeln, .lu, .no,, .ro, .sk, .to, .ua: These TLDs are now allowed to have a reduced set of contacts. It is optional to send the contacts that are not mandatory to Ascio, they will only be saved in the Ascio system and will not be sent to the registry. For existing Domains the not mandatory contacts can be deleted on the contact page in the order process. When default contacts are used, these contacts will be displayed in register or transfer orders. If a default contact has become optional it can also be deleted on the contact page.
    • Ascio added DNSSEC support for .sg, .travel, .uk
    • Ascio IDN support for .la
    • Ascio adjustments on validation for .eu
    • Core updated list of Centralnic TLDs
  • added TLDs
  • africa


Adjusted no-match pattern for whois query of .bg and .xxx


dnsXperts wird Teil der Key-Systems GmbH

Key-Systems LogoAb heute ist dnsXperts eine Marke der Key-Systems GmbH mit Sitz in St. Ingbert. Key-Systems ist ein international tätiges IT-Unternehmen, das Domains für Endkunden / Firmenkunden und Reseller weltweit verwaltet. Zu den Geschäftsbereichen von Key-Systems gehören das Reseller-Portal RRPproxy und das Endkunden-Portal domaindiscount24, sowie das Corporate Domain-Portal BrandShelter und das Key-Systems DataCenter.

dnsXperts becomes part of Key-Systems GmbH

dnsXperts is now one of the brands of the St. Ingbert based Key-Systems GmbH. Key-Systems is an international IT company that manages domains for end customers / corporate customers and resellers worldwide. Key-Systems' divisions include the reseller portal RRPproxy and the end customer portal domaindiscount24, as well as the corporate domain portal BrandShelter and the Key-Systems DataCenter.

NIC Container Release 6.6

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.1.0, 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio fixed issue with contacts of TLD .de
    • Key Systems adjusted configuration for *.uk, added transaction transit 
    • Key Systems adjusted configuration for transfer for the TLDs .sg, .fr, .re, .pm, .wf, .tf, .yt, .hk, .lu, .ax
    • Core fixed issue with TLDs .brussels, .vlaanderen
    • Core fixed issue with transfer for TLD .eu
  • added TLDs


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