NIC Container Release 4.7

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.4

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .nz, .sk, .jp, .tw, .in transaction 'Restore' added.
    • Ascio updated language codes for .global, .baby, .eu.
    • Ascio updated PDFs for .hu, ba,
    • Ascio .ge, local presence removed, authcode for transfer added and transaction 'Registrant Details Update' added.
    • Ascio .si contact field VAT and company number removed from owner contact.
    • Ascio .travel UIN removed from owner contact.
    • Ascio .kr added IDN support.
    • Ascio .ie maximum allowed numbers of name servers changed to 3, adjustment for fields Registrant Type (3q) and Registrant Details (3s) they have the same content.
    • Ascio .lu removed manual renew operation.
    • Ascio .ru transfer authcode mandatory.
    • Ascio .ee update for field Registrant Type (3q) and Tech-C can be person or company.
    • Epag DNSSEC support for .asia added.
    • Epag auto renew period for *.tt is 3 years.
    • Epag .jp registration period changed from 2 to 1 year.
    • Key Systems .tm registration period changed from 1 to 10 years, available user renew period changed to 1,2,5 years.
    • Key Systems, expiry threshold changed to 42 days.


  • added TLDs
  • .actor
  • .airforce
  • .army
  • .associates
  • .attorney
  • .barcelona
  • .blue
  • .boutique
  • .builders
  • .cab
  • .condos
  • .country
  • .cruises
  • .degree
  • .delivery
  • .flights
  • .florist
  • .furniture
  • .gives
  • .graphics
  • .irish
  • .jewelry
  • .kiwi
  • .madrid
  • .memorial
  • .mom
  • .navy
  • .parts
  • .physio
  • .recipes
  • .rich
  • .saarland
  • .shiksha
  • .style
  • .theatre
  • .voting
  • .voyage
  • .wales


DomiNIC Release 7.8.4

Important: Release 7.8.4 requires NIC-Container 4.7 or higher


  • Support of DeNIC RRI 3.0 API
  • DNSSEC Support for DeNIC


  • Name server group management allows to use name servers of superordinate customers now as intended.
  • Denic domains will no longer have expire dates.
  • Synchronazation of domain data will no longer remove the creation date and authcode if the NIC does not return these data.
  • Fixed issue with scheduled orders that are starting after a nic container update was deployed.
  • Asynchronous transfers of EPAG domains which receive a notification with result code 308043 will no longer set the reservation only status in DomiNIC.
  • Reservation only status will remain for DeNIC domains after an successfull update of domain data while DeNIC still responds with dns errors.

NIC Container Release 4.6

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio adding HU_LOA.pdf to transfer operation of .hu domains. HU_LP_2019.pdf will be send with a contact update when local presence is activated.
    • CoreNG NIC assignment corrected for .joburg
    • CoreNG accreditation data in owner contact added for .abogado and .law


  • added TLDs


 Cyrilllic characters removed for TLD .eu because mixed (latin/cyrillic) domain names are not allowed and TLD .ею is not supported


DomiNIC Release 7.8.3

Important: Release 7.8.3 requires NIC-Container 4.4 or higher


  • DNSSEC Key Management: DomiNIC takes over the key administration for domains whose signed zones are not managed by DomiNIC


  • New user right for KSK rollovers via GUI


  • Auto delete from for obsolete contacts will now be processed successfully
  • Fixed parsing of auto renew messages from Key-Systems
  • Corrected effective customer in auto renew jobs started by a cronjob
  • When using the key management the name servers specified in the current order will be queried for the key tag
  • Corrected Ascio DNSSEC-Handle-Create request
  • The KSK rollover page will be displayed correctly now for DNSSEC key management domains that use a full nameservice group


NIC Container Release 4.5

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Key Systems when activating DNSSEC possibly existing DNSSEC Keys at the NIC will be removed
    • Epag complete data are sent to Epag when DNSSEC is ordered
    • Epag further TLDs added that support DNSSEC
    • Core issues fixed for .swiss, .abogado, .law
    • Core DNSSEC: differentiation of TLDs that need keyTag data or DS data corrected




NIC Container Release 4.4

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .sk, .hr, .be, .bg, .by dnssec added
    • Asco improved error messages on contact page
    • Ascio updated PDF for register .hu
    • Ascio .in authinfo modify enabled
    • Ascio .it authcode required removed for owner change and owner address change
    • Ascio .tirol authcode mandatory for transfer
    • Epag .ai only owner contact is required
    • Epag .bg VAT is mandatory for the owner contact
    • Core consolidation of Core02 and Core05 to CoreNG (Core02 is now CoreNG)
    • Core improved error messages on contact page


  • added TLDs
  • al
  • tl


Missing codepoint 'ö' added for several TLDs.

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