DomiNIC Release 7.5.1


  • New functionality "password reset"
    • on the login page a user can request a password reset 
    • The user has to enter his email address and will receive a link.
    • By following the link the user can set a new password.
  • New functionality 2-factor authentication
    • 2-factor authentication using Google authenticator
    • This feature is not part of the standard edition of DomiNIC. It can be added for an additional charge.
  • Implemented new Registrar: Key-Systems
  • New SOAP API call CreateUser



  • New configuration key for additional hostnames of managed name servers. This makes it possible to have different hostnames for the same name server.
  • An additional parameter for skipping the migration jobs on start of the DomiNIC-wildfly.
  • Improved help text for authcode fields.




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