NIC Container Release 4.4

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .sk, .hr, .be, .bg, .by dnssec added
    • Asco improved error messages on contact page
    • Ascio updated PDF for register .hu
    • Ascio .in authinfo modify enabled
    • Ascio .it authcode required removed for owner change and owner address change
    • Ascio .tirol authcode mandatory for transfer
    • Epag .ai only owner contact is required
    • Epag .bg VAT is mandatory for the owner contact
    • Core consolidation of Core02 and Core05 to CoreNG (Core02 is now CoreNG)
    • Core improved error messages on contact page


  • added TLDs
  • al
  • tl


Missing codepoint 'ö' added for several TLDs.

DomiNIC Release 7.8.2

Important: Release 7.8.2 requires NIC-Container 4.4 or higher


  • DNSSEC support for Switch
  • DNSSEC support for CORE
  • DNSSEC support for Key Systems
  • DomiNIC now supports the Interface CoreNG
  • Null MX Record implemented
  • Ascio premium domains can now be ordered


  • Consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoeNG
  • In the course of consolidation of Core02 and Cor05 to CoreNG the authinfo modify function and the registrar lock functions have been implemented for the old Core02 TLDs.
  • Maximum password length for users is now configurable
  • When DNSSEC is activated, DomiNIC will wail until the maximum resource record TTL has expired before the KSK is transferred to the NIC.
  • Automatic contact delete initiated by the NIC is implemented for Key Systems


  • Web forwardings for zones now work when started by an end user
  • Activating DNSSEC for Ascio TLDs that do not support an admin contact now works
  • Email subject of transfer away email corrected
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a web forwarding is established for a domain
  • DNSSEC KSK remain in database when a NIC sync is done
  • Prices for local presence can be specified for domains that formerly required local presence but currently no longer
  • Activation of DNSSEC will now remove all may existing old keys from NIC


DomiNIC Release 7.8.1

Important: Release 7.8.1 requires NIC-Container 4.2 or higher


  • DNSSEC support for Epag.
  • It is now possible to configure a HSTS Header for more security.


  • Added nameserver type 'slave' for name server NSD.


  • Bulk order EXPIRE: validation regarding expire date added.
  • Core02: parsing of transfer away polling messages corrected.
  • Escaping of special character in EPP templates corrected.
  • Adjusted validation of redirect URL's regarding angle brackets.
  • Bulk order with DNSSEC: corrected notification of valid and invalid domains.
  • Redirects: corrected display of redirects in order details and corrected preservation of their lock status on the name server page in the order process.
  • DNSSEC: Fixed identifying of parent NS records for SLDs like
  • DNSSEC: Fixed an issue where the KSK was not deleted from DomiNIC database after dnssec was removed from a domain.
  • Synchronization with data from will now ignore contact values "n/a".
  • Fixed an issue where transfer cancel orders were processed for the wrong domain.
  • Fixed problems with ZoneImport orders in SOAP-API.


NIC Container Release 4.3

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.1

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .app DNSSEC added
    • Ascio .ie corrected PDF for owner change
    • Ascio .hu corrected PDF for register
    • Ascio .hk corrected PDF sending for transfer
    • Denic allowed phone number format adjusted according to ITU-T E.123
    • Epag .ai authcode field for transfer added


  • added TLDs
  • luxe
  • realestate
  • sport

NIC Container Release 4.2

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.1

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .мкд ( xn–d1alf) codepoints added
    • Ascio .gr updated required fields
    • Ascio .hu updated Local-Presence-PDF
    • Ascio .live minimum allowed characters is 2
    • Ascio .ro field registrant type added for owner contact
    • Ascio Ascio mail address removed from Admin-C
    • Core05 .sport adjusted owner contact


  • added TLDs
  • charity
  • dev
  • inc
  • llc
  • monster
  • page

NIC Container Release 4.1

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8

  • Fixes and Policy Updates
    • Ascio .ua transfer authcode field added
    • Ascio .it info/error message on page Contacts removed
    • Ascio .hu for Register-PDFs either VAT or registrant number will be filled in


RNS-Agent 6.1.22


  • Support for KNOT master zones.
  • Handling of dnssec key management for KNOT zones


  • Zone entries of the name server configuration read from root.dns.NamedBoot are case insensitive now.
  • Host names in the contact column of the PowerDNS database will be stored without the trailing dot.

DomiNIC Release 7.8.0

Important: Release 7.8.0 requires NIC-Container 4.0


  • DNSSEC support for Ascio and
  • Support for KNOT dns server with RNS-Agent 6.1.22 or higher. Currently only master zones administration.


  • Updated Jetty to version 9.4.14
  • Adjusted notifications of SOA errors. First notification within 5 to 10 minutes, reminders every two hours afterwards.
  • Server certificates for the connection to EPAG can now be utilized.
  • Added filters for email address and company in the customer administration.
  • End customers are warned, if there is another order running for one of their domains.
  • New user right "NicAccountView" added. This right controls which users are allowed to see nic accounts in the GUI.
  • Orders that do not receive a required nic notification for more than one year will fail.
  • The maintenance page now shows the public name server host as well as the provisioning host.
  • For end customers the domain inventory displays all domains when the page is invoked.
  • Improved validation for system configurations
  • Improved validation for SPF resource records fields.
  • Improved validation for the start of  scheduled orders:  a scheduled order now can only start if no other  order is in process for the same domain. The only exception to this rule are mere zone changes, which can run in parallel.


  • Autorenews fixed for zones.
  • Fixed parsing error for Core02 transfer away notifications.
  • Fixed issue that led to ignored order completion notifications from Ascio.
  • Corrected Centralnic authcode generation.
  • Key Systems connection: Fixed issue that occurred when contact informations are queried for contacts without authcodes
  • EPAG notifications "success with reservations" for domains updates will now cause DomiNIC orders to fail, if the order only contains an owner change. Otherwise the order will be finished as "partial success".
  • Fixed parsing of domain expire notifications from Key-Systems
  • The column 'value' of SRV records is now correctly displayed in the list of DNS templates.
  • DNS changes due to changed redirect entries are no longer be notified to slave name servers.
  • Fixed issue that caused consequential errors after domain imports for zone.
  • Fixed issue that prevented customer changes for zones.
  • Fixed issue on imports and synchronization of Denic domains regarding contacts with emptry values.
  • Fixed issue that caused an error page when trying to start a bulk order for zone deletions.
  • Fixed issue causing redirect orders to fail if certain invalid target urls were entered.
  • Fixed PDF confirmation requests for registrant details updates.


  • Refactoring of contact and information requests in the SOAP API. Please check the details here:
  • SOAP API wsdl can now be requested by the following link: . In addition, the wsdl and xsd files are now part of the installation package: dominic/etc/wsdl
  • Adjustment of resource record validation in Soap API to DomiNIC GUI validation.

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