DomiNIC Release 7.2.4


  • Bulk operation for Delete and Expire:
    • In the domain inventory a user can select multiple domains for delete and expire.
    • Domains can be selected by a simple left click, by shift clicks over multiple lines or by the new "select all/select all visible" option
    • After selecting multiple domains the user can choose the desired action. Domains where delete or expire is not supported will be displayed to the user.
    • The bullk feature can be activated by a new user right.
  • New registrar Instra implemented


  • The option to set contact handles within domain operations can now be deactivated by a new user right 
  • Removed redundant line breaks in many email templates 
  • The order search result is now ordered by the start date (latest entries first) by default
  • Added gpg signature for order approval confirmation mails 
  • The SOAP API commands DomainInfo and DomainExport will now return the name of the currently assigned name server group 
  • The export of the domain inventory now contains the domain's last change date


Weiterlesen: DomiNIC Release 7.2.4

DomiNIC Release 7.2.3


  • Redesigned administration page for toplevel domains, featuring multi checkbox selections and assignment of default nics (for multinic usage)
  • It is now possible to select multiple resource records for editing, either by checkbox or shift-click


  • Added an own description text for automatic domain renewals within accounting records to seperate them from order period prices for registrations and transfers
  • The TLD of contact specific Core02/Core04 contacts won't be exported as "information2" attribute for domainExport and domainInfo SOAP API requests any more
  • Improved behavior of customer selection boxes in environments with many customers
  • Improvement for domain availability check: Updated default value of the system configuration setting dominic.unreliableRootNameservers
  • Added an additional tab for new TLDs on the start page
Weiterlesen: DomiNIC Release 7.2.3

DomiNIC Release 7.2.2


      • Fixed an issue where authcodes could not be created for Core02 .eu and EPAG .de Domains.
      • The type of resource records can no longer be changed while editing or duplicating the record as this led to problems, especially for zones with a large amount of records

Nic policy updates

TLDs added for Epag

  • bi
  • cg 
  • ge 
  • gy 
  • ly 
  • mw 
  • rw 
  • sn 
  • sr 
  • tj 
  • tt
  • life

TLDs added for Ascio


DomiNIC Release 7.2.1


  • Changes of minor owner and admin contact fields like address fields or phone number will not cause order approvals any more. These minor fields can be configured.
  • Orders for the same domain which are started via SOAP interface will be queued now, when an order for the domain is already in process.
  • Improved behavior for setting up zones by RNS agents on name servers, that cannot be queried from the DomiNIC BPE.
  • GUI: Resource records can now be added alternatively by pressing the enter key.


  • Fixed an issue where Core02 owner contact handles for .eu domains were used for admin contacts.
  • Ascio autorenew notifications for zones will now not block the zone from beeing modified any more.
  • Fixed an issue where the EPAG trustee service was disabled during domain updates.
  • Improved timeout handling for the Core02 and Core04 interfaces.
  • polling message about Restore in online portal is processed correctly (domain-unlocked-customer)
  • Removed unnecessary line breaks from the beginning of mails

Nic policy updates

New TLDs for Ascio

  • sale
  • fashion
  • bet
  • auto
  • car
  • cars
  • family
  • vin
  • wine
  • vision
  • security
  • protection
  • broker
  • forex
  • trading
  • party
  • ricket
  • bid
  • review
  • science
  • cfd
  • food

TLDs for Epag added

  • cr
  • bs

Updates forEpag

  • / field 'Tax number' added
  • .kr - field 'ID number' and validation on LP owner added.
  • sg/ - field 'ID number' for owner and admin added. Validation on LP admin added. Validation on ID number filled in when admin resides in 'sg'.

Version 7.2.0

Features and Improvements

  • Improved starting/stopping mechanism
  • SPF Resource records will always be converted into TXT records, since SPF records are obsolete.
  • Reset functionality for logos: When a custom logo is removed, DomiNIC resets the logo to the default logo of the used theme.
  • Name server selection: The panel for selecting a name server is now folded in by default. Only when a domain uses no name servers provisioned by DomiNIC the panel is shown folded out.

Upgrades for Application Server and Webserver

  • Upgraded application server from Jboss 4.2.2 GA to Wildfly 8.2.0
  • Updated Jetty web server to 9.2.10.v20150310


  • Fixed an issue where .job domains could not be registered.
  • Fixed an issue where some EPAG domains could only be deleted instead of expired. 
  • Fixed an issue with setting up zones when name server settings for a domain are changed from automatic master(s) + customer name server(s) to automatic master(s) + automatic slave(s). 
  • Fixed an issue where the last page in all pager sites is empty, when the amount of results is too big 
  • Fixed some small issues with table sorters in the name server administration and order search 

Upgrade procedure

  • For the update procedure please refer to the information provided by our support team with the distribution.

Version 7.1.16

Features and Improvements

  • Improved validation of resource records:
    • RR Data fields of the following record types no longer allowes IP Addresses. Instead entered IP Addresses will be considered as host names and converted into FQDN format: CNAME, MX, NAPTR(Replacement), NS, PTR, SRV.
    • Host names starting or ending with a hyphen are no longer allowed.
  • Configurable content on login page. 
    • The login page shows a text panel. The text used here can be localized by using the translation manager.
    • The feature also allows to change the layout of the panel.


  • Fixed an issue where zones were not set up correctly in certain cases of name server changes.

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