DomiNIC Release 7.4.3


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred while transfers with owner changes and caused resource records to be stored twice in the database.

DomiNIC Release 7.4.2


  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue that causes problems in the order process, when user defined fields are loaded.

Nic Policy Updates

  • Fixes for Ascio
    • Adjustments for Ascio/ Added additional fields and validations for owner contacts.
    • Adjustments for Ascio/ Added local presence validations.

DomiNIC Release 7.4.1


  • Domain renew orders started via SOAP API will not cause needless domain info requests, to determine the new expire date. The new expire date will be calculated based on the current expire date and the order period instead.
  • Lists of IP addresses and hostnames for SPF records can now be seperated by whitespaces, instead of line breaks only. This is mainly important for orders started by SOAP or BATCH API.


  • The calendar icon will now be displayed for scheduled domain deletions again.
  • The original value of contact fields, that are mapped to other contact or trademark fields within an Ascio AWS order, will not be put into the order any more. E.g. for .law domains.
  • Issue fixed where under some circumstances name server changes failed for NICs which require host create operations.
  • Fixed BATCH/ SOAP API exports for domains with SPF records, which do not contain the fields explanation and redirect.
  • Removing internal name server groups for zones with both external and internal groups will not cause error messages any more.


Nic Policy Updates

  • New TLDs for Ascio

    • estate
    • pet


DomiNIC Release 7.4.0


  • Added language switch in GUI
  • Domain and DNS data synchronization
    • This option is now available in the GUI for all Domains, if the logged in user has the right DomainImport
    • Performs domain info NIC requests to get and store contact data, name servers, creation/expire date and the authcode
    • Performs DNS requests to get and store resource records from the public DNS. This is only done if the appropriate option is set and auto name servers are used. DNS queries are not performed for internal zones
  • Added URL parameter for reseller customization before a user is logged in
    • A new optional URL parameter "cs" can now be passed with a customer id as value (database id, table customer, column cust_id)
    • The given customer is used to enable several settings of the customer while the user is NOT logged in. These settings are: Theme, Logo, Prices, Documents and links, The available TLDs
    • If the URL parameter "theme" is passed in addition to the parameter "cs", the theme of the parameter "theme" will be used, not the theme of the given customer
    • These settings will be replaced by the settings of the logged in customer, after the user is logged in (same behavior as before)
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DomiNIC Release 7.3.3


  • Adjustments for Core05
    • Fixed polling mechanism
    • Removed contact-remove information within domain update operations
    • Adjusted domain name length from 3-63 to 1-63
    • Changed the value for contact authcodes due to invalid characters for some TLDs
  • Fixed an issue where domain info soap api requests caused errors for domains with active redirects
  • Fixed an issue where changing a user password including umlauts caused errors
  • IDN TLDs 网址 and 中國 can now be used for zone registrations again
  • Fixed an issue where too many accounting records were created for auto renews of Denic domains

Nic Policy Updates

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DomiNIC Release 7.3.2


  • Adjusted default price currency for Core05 from EUR to USD

Nic Policy Updates

  • Implemented changes on Eurid's interface

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