NIC Container Release 1.2

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.5.0, 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.5.3

  • Ascio IDN activated for .gmbh and .online
  • Ascio corrected language code for .club and .shop
  • Ascio minimal domain name length for .info set to 3 characters
  • Core02 corrected DomainCreate for .us
  • Core02 policy update for .asia (CED contact no neccessary)
  • Ascio added TLDs .yoga and .video
  • Epag added TLD .рф (xn--p1ai)

NIC Container Release 1.1

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.5.0, 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.5.3

  • Ascio CNOBI TLDs: Fixed a bug where an additional owner change was sent with transfer orders
  • Ascio TLDs .org and .wien: Added authinfo modify operation
  • Ascio .sk: Removed local presence requirement
  • Ascio Added registrant details update operation. Set auto renew period from 1 to 2 years.

DomiNIC Release 7.5.0


  • Separate deployment of NIC policies
    • From version 7.5 onwards the NIC policies are deployed independently from the application.
    • Nic policies can be exchanged during runtime of the software.
    • No downtime required for policy changes
  • Interface of Nominum ANS nam servers  implemented.
    • Nominum ANS name server can be provisioned via DomiNIC. DomiNIC supports the Multi Master method of Nominum ANS.
  • New Resource Record type CAA
    • The resource record CAA has been implemented and can be used with the latest versions of BIND, NSD and PowerDNS name servers.
  • Multi-NIC-Account
    • the Multi-NIC-Account feature allows for customer specific accounts with the NICs. 
    • Current limitation: transfer from one NIC account to another for the same NIC is not possible.


  • Simplification of domain/zone modify orders via Batch API. This makes bulk changes easier.
    • Export domain data into the format needed for modifes
    • New export parameter to export contact handles only (without contact details) in order to avoid validation issues
    • New export parameter for the 'approved' flag to avoid confirmation requests for bulk owner changes
  • Authcodes can now not only be entered for transfer, but also for registrations, deletions and modifies.
  • Improved page  performance of domain details and zonde data
  • Improved behaviour for zone transfers in cases where the name server can not be queried
  • Improved validation of phone numbers for and Ascio orders.
  • Special requirements for the distinction between owner change and registrant details update (Ascio) can now be specified per TLD
  • Improvement of the customer selection in the user adminstration. The button 'Save' is disabled as long as the customer selection has not been confirmed by clicking 'Select customer'.
  • The link 'Synchronize domain data with NIC' was moved from the context menu in domain search to the menu 'Available domain operations' on the Domain Details Summary.

    Weiterlesen: DomiNIC Release 7.5.0

DomiNIC Release 7.4.8


  • Both NIC connections for Denic and SIDN will use the latest version of TLS (v1.2) now, regardless of what is configured in the java security settings. This is required to ensure stable connections.
  • Fixed domain imports for Instra

Nic Policy Updates

  • New TLDs for Instra
  • management
  • delivery
  • group

DomiNIC Release 7.4.7


  • Special SOA times are implemented for TLD .is
  • Fixed issue for Epag transfer away. Field 1b is filled out with the associated ticket number.
  • Fixed issue for reverse zones. Only one nameserver is now required for a reverse zone.
  • Polling mechanism for Instra will not abort at a certain point for transfer orders.

Nic Policy Updates

  • Fixes for Ascio
    • Fixed validation and required fields for *.uk
    • Ascio .it: country code is now filled out for Owner-C
    • One and two character domains are allowed for Ascio .wien
  • Fixes for Epag
    • Epag .pt/ interchanged fields for tax were corrected
  • New TLDs for Epag
  • africa
  • Fixes for Instra
    • Corrected validation for Instra .it regarding local presence
  • New TLDs for Instra (with special policies)
  • adult
  • ba
  • bg
  • by
  • ca
  • com ar
  • com hk
  • com tr
  • ec
  • ee
  • fi
  • mk
  • net au
  • no
  • nu
  • online
  • org cn
  • pe
  • porn
  • pro
  • space
  • travel
  • uk
  • vn
  • website
  • xyz
  • 中国

DomiNIC Release 7.4.6


  • When the domain details or lifecycle page is opened, only the latest ten orders for the domain will be loaded. In the past this issue sometimes led to memory problems for domains with a large amount of orders.

Nic Policy Updates

  • Fixed default transfer order periods for several Instra TLDs

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