DomiNIC Release 7.4.6


  • When the domain details or lifecycle page is opened, only the latest ten orders for the domain will be loaded. In the past this issue sometimes led to memory problems for domains with a large amount of orders.

Nic Policy Updates

  • Fixed default transfer order periods for several Instra TLDs

DomiNIC Release 7.4.4


  • Additional owner change PDF confirmations can be activated for a certain TLDs and customers. These confirmations will be send to the new registrant, after the default confirmations expired and will last 2 weeks
  • .


  • Adjustments for Eurid: Changed EPP authinfo schemas

DomiNIC Release 7.4.3


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred while transfers with owner changes and caused resource records to be stored twice in the database.

DomiNIC Release 7.4.2


  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue that causes problems in the order process, when user defined fields are loaded.

Nic Policy Updates

  • Fixes for Ascio
    • Adjustments for Ascio/ Added additional fields and validations for owner contacts.
    • Adjustments for Ascio/ Added local presence validations.

DomiNIC Release 7.4.1


  • Domain renew orders started via SOAP API will not cause needless domain info requests, to determine the new expire date. The new expire date will be calculated based on the current expire date and the order period instead.
  • Lists of IP addresses and hostnames for SPF records can now be seperated by whitespaces, instead of line breaks only. This is mainly important for orders started by SOAP or BATCH API.


  • The calendar icon will now be displayed for scheduled domain deletions again.
  • The original value of contact fields, that are mapped to other contact or trademark fields within an Ascio AWS order, will not be put into the order any more. E.g. for .law domains.
  • Issue fixed where under some circumstances name server changes failed for NICs which require host create operations.
  • Fixed BATCH/ SOAP API exports for domains with SPF records, which do not contain the fields explanation and redirect.
  • Removing internal name server groups for zones with both external and internal groups will not cause error messages any more.


Nic Policy Updates

  • New TLDs for Ascio

    • estate
    • pet


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